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  1. The blogging will continue until business improves. The first thing you should know about content marketing for real estate agents is this: You can’t just do it once. Or twice. Or when you feel like it. In order to make the most of your knowledge and your content, you need to establish a cadence and deliver! This habit will slowly, but surely improve the ranking of your site among search engines, but could also hook actual people (some are still out there) who might want your insights.
  2. Publish what you know. Do you know your neighborhood better than anybody? Write about that. Do you know the best burger joint within five miles? Write about that. Do you know the best way to make a run-down kitchen look decent for a showing? Write about that. You don’t need to be an expert in everything – write what you know!
  3. Mind your Ps and Qs. When it comes to quick-hitting client communications, the occasional misspelling is more than understandable. But content marketing is MARKETING, so you need to keep it professional. That means powerful imagery, spellcheck, decent punctuation and attention to detail. While it’s the substance of your message that matters, style points will count, when it comes to your credibility.
  4. Get weird. Maybe you’ve heard of the old baseball saying: Hit ‘em where they ain’t. Well, it kind of applies to content marketing, as well. While well-worn topics like home valuations and hot neighborhoods might have all kinds of people vying for attention, there are smaller, sometimes more local niches that not every agent is out there talking about. That gives you an opening to hook prospective clients who are curious!
  5. The medium is large. Text is great for upping your google juice. Great images will grab the attention of real readers. Video gets the most engagement and, if done well, can drive lots of links. Assess your strengths in being able to put out content (either what you create or through a partner). But be sure you cover the bases.

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