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In the 1980s, there were phone books. If you run a retail operation, you probably have a neon sign you turn on. But nowadays, and for EVERYONE, the way you say, “We’re open for business” is by having an active and engaging social media feed. That’s what social media marketing for real estate agents is all about.

Why is that? Because when prospective clients are thinking about buying a house or selling their current house, or even just wondering if another bedroom might be nice, they start clicking around. Sure, they might check out some online home listings in a neighborhood they like. They might virtually peruse a house or two. But once they start to get serious, they’ll be deep into your socials, seeing if your Instagram game is up to snuff and checking if you’ve even posted to Facebook in the past month.

Fail either of these tests and it’s not a death sentence, it’s just…DOUBT. Doubt in the mind of potential clients: Is this agent still active? Are they up to speed on current marketing techniques? Are they the best person to trust with my business?

Being There

You see, when it comes to social media marketing for real estate agents, it may seem like fun and games, but the key to success is really something else entirely: discipline and professionalism. Writing compelling content that smashes servers and sets the internet aflame would be great, but what matters just as much is that you show your potential customers that you’re accessible, available and professional.

You need to practice good business hygiene. Wipe away doubts. Hang out your open sign. Let people know how to start a conversation with you.

So don’t forget this key nugget when it comes to social: It’s not what you say, necessarily. It’s that you’re saying SOMETHING.

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