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Direct mail marketing: The ol’ faithful of prospecting and retaining clients. There’s a reason it’s so popular across industries – even in today’s digital age, you cannot beat the payoff of physical marketing materials. Why? Here’s some quick stats for you to consider:

Direct mail has an open rate of 90%.

It’s just hard to ignore something that is sitting right there on your countertop!

Smaller inboxes mean higher visibility.

The average household receives 2 pieces of direct mail a day. Now, compare that to the email inbox which receives dozens each day. It’s a lot easier to stand out in the smaller crowd!

Physical mail feels more personal.

Personalizing your mail is easier than ever these days, but even barring that, receiving mail just FEELS more personal than email.

How can you use direct mail marketing to your advantage? Here are three suggestions to consider.

The golden standard: Postcards

Postcards are the go-to for a reason: They are cheap, they are easy, and they are effective! Postcards are a great tool for advertising your services directly since they typically have fast turn around and plenty of customizations.

The content crusher: Personalized magazines

As a consumer, would you rather receive an ad or something truly interesting in the mail? Content marketing allows you to speak with your clients rather than at them. Direct mail magazine marketing gives clients content that they actually want – recipes, travel articles, DIY projects – and reinforces your connection with them. Our Essential Living magazine is a good example of combining content and brand in one convenient marketing piece!

Marketing expert mode: Multi-channel marketing

Did you know? Using direct mail and digital marketing together increases response rates by 450%. So pair that postcard campaign with a follow-up email. Using Essential Living magazine? Grab that digital copy too to hit the mailbox AND the inbox!

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