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Referrals, the golden ticket for many a professional. We like to think that our clients love us so much that they will organically send referrals our way. The truth of the matter is that our clients, like anyone else, need prompting and marketing to take action. Here are 3 marketing ideas to boost referrals:

Tip 1: Be easily found

Do you have a website? Facebook? Instagram? What’s the best way to get in touch with you? If you googled your name right now, on what page of search results would someone be able to find your contact information?

You don’t need to be an SEO wizard, but you DO want to make sure your information is readily available online. Accordingly, make sure your website is up to date. If you aren’t on social media, setting up an account is easy and fast, and is often the first place someone will look for you. Every social platform is another opportunity to market your real estate business!

If you need help filling in your social feed, consider our Essentials Social Media plan!

Tip 2: Build an online community

Speaking of social media, friending your clients is a great way to keep in touch after you’ve closed your sale. Connecting with clients on social media means you can keep top of mind with them through a regular schedule of content. If they’re thinking about you, they are more likely to give you a referral!

Tip 3: Get physical (with mailers, that is)

While the internet makes marketing a lot easier today, there is still something special about a piece you can hold in your hands. That’s why direct-mail marketing is still the reigning king of marketing.

Postcards are the tried-and-true direct-mail piece, but consider utilizing high-end pieces like booklets, personalized magazines, and even greeting cards! (Our Essential Living magazine is one such premium piece!) Have an annual holiday card you send out? Be sure to include your clients on your mailing list. People love the personal connection, making them more likely to refer you down the line.


Securing more referrals is a universal goal for professionals in every industry. By building a strong relationship with your network, you can create a powerful referral network that propels your business forward. Remember that the key to success lies in consistently delivering value, building trust, and nurturing connections. Embrace these tips, and watch your referrals soar, contributing to the sustainable growth of your professional career.

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