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The problem? Most companies don’t have an easy way to gather and broadcast this kind of client info. A structured system for collecting client celebrations ensures your testimonials are always fresh, that key clients don’t fall through the cracks and that you always have an example of a great client experience at the ready for a prospect. 


Why We Celebrate 

Why do we promote client celebrations? They are a simple and straightforward way to let prospects know what it’s like to work with you. They break down barriers and start conversations. And best of all, they’re all part of a larger system that lets you focus on helping your clients by removing administrative barriers. 

So, what are the key things you need for a testimonial process that powers your marketing? Let’s review.



  • Make it Easy and Convenient – Offer multiple channels for feedback and keep the process simple. Remember, busy clients won’t invest hours in feedback forms, so whatever your ask is, keep it short and sweet! 
  • Know When to Ask – Timing plays a crucial role in ensuring that feedback is both meaningful and relevant. It’s beneficial to approach clients for their input when they’ve had a good experience – after a win, milestone delivery, or positive interaction. Moreover, don’t give up after one try. People have a lot going on in their lives – sometimes you just need to catch them at the right time, and they’ll be happy to oblige your request. 


  • Identify Trends & Insights – Once you’ve gathered feedback, don’t let it sit idle. Analyze the data to identify recurring themes, patterns, and actionable insights that can be implemented to improve your offerings. 



  • Don’t Delay: Take client celebrations and make use of them in your marketing. Stand up a page on your site or a standalone page where you showcase the commentary of clients who have worked with you. Share great celebrations via social media.  
  • These celebrations are social proof: They are evidence for prospects that you’re someone who is great to work with. 
  • Too often, once the work of collecting feedback and celebrations is done, they just sit around. By the time they’re posted, they might even be stale. Put together an efficient system to showcase your hard work and your happy clients. 



  • Show Genuine Appreciation – Thank clients for their time and input. Share how you plan to use their insights or how their feedback impacted your business. This reinforces the value of their contribution and builds trust for future feedback opportunities. 


Gathering and sharing feedback doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Essential Experiences can also do all the work for you, from sending out client surveys to turning their raving words into beautiful posts shared directly on your social media business page and personal landing page. 

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