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In the realm of social media marketing, Essential Engine’s three-legged stool content philosophy offers a powerful framework for small businesses to maximize their impact. By incorporating lifestyle content, personal content, and industry content, businesses can create a well-rounded and engaging social media presence. So, how does this content platform hold you up? 


Lifestyle Content: Captivating Social Media Audiences 

Social media platforms are perfect for sharing lifestyle content that captures the attention of a diverse range of users. By creating visually appealing, professional-looking and shareable content, such as entertaining videos, inspirational quotes, or posts on engaging topics, small businesses can increase brand visibility, attract new followers, and even foster a sense of community for a business on social media. 


Personal Content:  Building Authentic Connections 

Social media is an ideal platform to showcase the personal side of a business or profession. By sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses, personal stories, and insights into the lives of the real people behind the account, businesses can humanize their social media presence. Share personal milestones, career accomplishments, fun family trips or anything else that truly means something to you. This personal touch helps to establish authentic connections, build trust, and cultivate a loyal online community. 


Industry Content: Positioning as Thought Leaders 

Social media allows professionals and businesses to position themselves as industry thought leaders by sharing valuable industry-related content. By posting informative articles, industry news updates, expert tips, and participating in relevant discussions, businesses can demonstrate their expertise and establish credibility within their niche. This not only attracts industry-specific followers but also positions the brand as a trusted source of information. Just remember: There’s such a thing as too much of a good thing. Industry content helps establish you as an expert; but not everyone wants to read it, all the time. 


By integrating Essential Engine’s content philosophy into their social media marketing strategy, professionals and businesses can create a compelling and well-rounded online presence that engages their network and keeps their brand top of mind. Utilizing lifestyle content, personal content, and industry content, businesses can captivate social media audiences, forge authentic connections, and establish professionals as trusted authorities within their industry.