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If you’ve ever put together a marketing plan, you know there’s a lot to consider. (That’s why we wrote The 19-Minute Marketing Plan, as a way to help break down planning into chunks that small- and medium-sized businesses could easily apply to fit their needs.) Feedback on the e-book has been glowing, but people also want more.

That’s why we’ve published our newest e-book, Get Real, Get Results: The Essential Engine Approach to Marketing. While The 19-Minute Marketing Plan is all about putting a toolset into the hands of aspiring marketers, Get Real, Get Results starts with the strategy: How can you make your marketing a long-term driver of your business? The whole e-book is focused on the single most important factor in marketing today: personal connection. It includes pointers, tools and tales about how to use real, personal connections in your marketing, why authenticity makes for great ROI and how to best invest in your network.

In short, if you’ve found that your marketing is good, but not great; if you think your outreach lacks a little spark; if you’re wondering whether that marketing plan you’re putting together is even on the right track – then this quick, smart, e-book is for you. It’s full of tips and tricks to make sure that you’re fostering real personal connections, and imbuing them in all of your marketing efforts. So if you’re ready to get real, let’s do this! Download this free e-book today and start making real connections.