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Take your testimonials to the next level

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A new way to do testimonials

Your testimonials are vital to your business. But getting them and using them in a way they can make a difference in your marketing? That’s a whole ‘nother ball game.

Enter: Essential Experiences

Essential Experiences helps you:

  • Gather testimonials
  • Produce amazing, high-quality materials with them
  • Distributes those testimonials on social media

Gone are the days of testimonials languishing in a forgetting file on your desktop! Let Essential Experiences create exciting social posts that put your clients’ good vibes to work for you!

How does it work?

We send your survey

We send your personalized client satisfaction survey to your list of contacts, asking them to give us feedback on the great service you’ve provided to them.

Clients sing your praises

Your clients complete the survey, telling us what they love about working with you, providing a testimonial, and even indicating what emoji they associate with you!

We create dazzling content

Using the responses your clients provide, we create beautiful, fun, striking content pieces that can be used in your marketing strategy.

We post your results

We then post your best testimonials and responses directly to your social media feed – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, you name it!

Discover your clients' joy!

The survey

Our proprietary survey is quick, quirky, and quality! Clients evaluate you on several key areas of services and give a number of open-ended answers, leading to more ways to utilize their amazing feedback.

The Posts

We offer a wide variety of post types to fit your style! We’ve got something for you, including straight-laced professional, Pinterest-perfect, futuristic techno, and so much more. Take a look at a few examples!

Get the word out

Hook up to social media

Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, and we'll post new responses on your behalf!


We'll create and post up to 6 responses per month!


Keep your eyes on your posts and see how your network responds!

Your Personal Landing Page

Your responses don’t just live on Facebook! We also create a personal page for you, compiling your testimonial posts all in one place, ready for you to use as needed. These posts are yours to use across your marketing!

Let's start celebrating!

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