Does this image attract your attention?

We thought so!

Escapes + Experiences

The most effective marketing program for nurturing prospects and retaining clients

Escapes + Experiences is your personally branded direct-mail marketing magazine

With Escapes + Experiences your message will get through to your most important prospects and clients!

Our Key Features:

  • Personally branded to you, including your photo, logo and your own custom content
  • Your branding directly on the cover, so you can’t be missed
  • Engaging, evergreen lifestyle content that interests your audience and keeps them engaged to read your marketing messages – without realizing they are reading your marketing message.
  • 4 custom pages allow for personally crafted images, messages and specific calls to action.
  • We take care of content creation for non-custom pages, complete all of the printing, and the full mail room work to get it into the hands of your audience.

Customization Options

Customization #1: The Front Cover

Customize your front cover

Choose from 4 styles:

  • Full detail
  • Text-only
  • Photo highlight
  • Editorial-focused

Plus: Choose your cover photo

5 different editorial covers to choose from each issue

Customization #2: The Editor's Letter

The Editor's Letter

Each issue, we write an editor’s letter on the inside front cover that explores the content for the issue. You have full control of this letter – edit it to fit your style, or completely rewrite it to talk about your latest and greatest news. This is your space to talk to your clients!

Customization #3: The Inside Back Cover

Back inside cover

Custom example:

Customization #4: The Back Cover

Back cover

Custom example:



$299 one-time setup


$5.99/copy (minimum 35 copies)


6 issues per year